Frecuent  Asked  Questions

  1. Are custom APPs always very expensive because they are "customized"?
    No. A few years ago, developing custom software was very expensive, but nowadays there are tools that allow us to create Apps in a few days and at a very low cost.
    Depending on the complexity of functions that you require, we can create custom Apps even from 50 EUR.

  2. If the APP is customized and made by Solumaker, will I always depend on Solumaker?
    No. We will develop your App in an open source, which you can later, if you want, hire another App developer and continue managing it.

    Our added value is not the development of the APP itself but to consulting and advising you in the creation of procedures and how to combine them with simple technological tools to maximize the efficiency of your organization.

  3. How do I learn to use the APP?
    We will always train you or your team in how use of the APP.
    You can always ask us any question later.

  4. What happens if something fails in the APP?
    From or mobile +34 656 630 661 our technical support team will respond to any problem that you could have.
    We will always be at hand so your App and work will never stop.

  5. Can I see a DEMO of the App that I need before?
    Yes. We will always give you a totally free DEMO for you to try.
    If you want to add or remove something from the DEMO, we will do it for you.
    Once you are satisfied with the DEMO, we proceed to deliver the official version of the APP.

  6. How long does Solumaker take to develop an APP?
    Depending on the complexity of the functions, we can deliver DEMO in 1 or 2 days, and the final version around 15 days.

  7. What kind of Apps does Solumaker make?
    Although our specialty is to create Apps to streamline commercial and administrative processes (marketing, sales, purchases, invoicing, bank control, cash, inventories, taxes, etc ...), all other activities of a company or even an independent person can be users of a customized App.

    For example, we have created a very simple but powerful App to control the suppliers and contacts of our client, where he can place personal notes, categorize and consult each company and contact he wants, including personal and professional documents.

    With this example, any personal or business need can be covered with our customized Apps and good imagination.

  8. I already know what I want my APP to do. Can I hire Solumaker to only do the APP?
    Yes. If you tell us what you want the App to do for you, we will develop it very quickly.

  9. What segments are Solumaker's APP aimed at?

  • Marketers of all types of products.

  • Manufacturers of all kinds of products.

  • Providers of all kinds of services.

  • Storage and distribution companies.

  • Hardware stores

  • Autonomous doctors

  • Medical centers.

  • Research teams

  • Foundations

  • Non-profit organizations.

  • Cultural associations.

  • Educational entities

  • Autonomous teachers

  • Government entities.

  • Freelance lawyers

  • Lawyer's buffet.

  • Insurance agents, brokers or agencies.

If you do not find your activity in the list above, contact us at or mobile +34 656 630 661 that we still serve any sector.