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CRM hecho con Ninox Database en español por Solumaker para España, México, Colombia, Perú, Chile, Argentina. Software de Ventas, presupuestos, cotizaciones, facturas, clientes, tareas, seguimiento
CRM Solumaker, clientes, proveedores, prospectos, leads, ventas, contactos, paises, ciudades, customer relationship management software


Control customers and suppliers with multiple categories, locations and contacts, including their business cards.

Gestor de ventas, manejo de vendedores, cotizacion automatica, presupuestos automaticos, leads, oportunidades de venta | Solumaker


Send quotes to customers within a minute, track their news, assign tasks and salesmen anywhere in the world.

Gestor de tareas, calendario, citas de ventas, vistas, llamadas, CRM para México, Colombia, Chile, Perú, Argentina, Estados Unidos, CRM en español, Seguimiento a ventas y pedidos | Solumaker


Find out what each salesman has talked and done about each lead, using Calendar, Kanva or Grantt.

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Send invoices to customers and control their income; Receive invoices from suppliers and control your payments.

Do you have customers and suppliers everywhere?

Control all your customers and suppliers in a single and customized database.

Attach their legal documents and business portfolios.

Check them by location, category or contact.

Create contacts with as much details as you want, including their business cards.

CRM con Ninox en español solumaker softw

Do you sell products and services?

Offer products and services alike.

Create them only once and your quotations will be automatically made from them.

Group them into "families".

Attach photos, sheets and specifications to strengthen your quotations.

CRM con Ninox en español catalogo de pro

Are you still using WORD for making quotations?

With just a few clicks your quotations are created and sent to your customers automatically.

You will have all your quotations in PDF, and easy to find. Edit them whenever you want.

Register follow-up news to each quotation and assign tasks to your sales team.

CRM en Ninox en español software de vent
CRM con Ninox Database en español soluma

Don't lose any lead.

Keep track of all your sales opportunities with a very graphic and colorful timeline.

Find out what is the status of each case.

Avoid losing sales due to lack of follow-up with the effective KANVA method.

Too many calls, visits and tasks to do?

Control your business tracking from a single calendar.

Find out who and when sent a quote, closed a deal or issued an invoice to a customer.

Assign and control tasks to your sales team, quotations and orders.

Easy to sync with Google Calendar.

Ninox Database en español CRM software d
CRM software de ventas para pequeñas emp

Money control issues?

Issue invoices to customers automatically, control revenue and know your accounts receivable.

Receive invoices from suppliers, control payments and know your accounts payable.

Find out how much was the profit of each sale.

Too many numbers? too much information?

Visualize your information with automatic graphs and customized reports.

Detect productivity failures in your team and take decisions on time.


Going mobile?

Solumaker takes your custom CRM to all your devices.

Access and work from any PC, mobile or tablet.

Ninox Database Español Solumaker CRM ERP

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