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Save up to 80% of your time creating automatic quotations, projects, tasks and invoices with a customized App.

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Ninox en español Solumaker desarrolla apps personalizadas para empresas como CRM y ERP para ventas, compras, produccion, tareas, proyectos
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- Create automatic quotations.

- Follow-up leads and quotations.

- Control salesmen.

- Project management.

- Contracts management.

- Create customized documents.

- Create and assign tasks.

- Events management.

- Invoicing management.

- Accounting control .

- Purchase management.

- Stock / Inventory management.

- Time control management.

- HR recuitment management.

- Database management.

- Bank statements management.

- Inspection quality controls.

Solumaker es Partner Premium de Ninox, el máximo nivel de expertos con la plataforma y el No. 1 en español, garantizando crear rápidamente tu solución desde cero, cuidando tus datos, ahorrándote tiempo y dinero.

Can I see some Apps?

- Speed: Run all your processes automatically.

- Creation of all your customized documents.

- Centralization: All your information in one place.

- Security: Control who accesses and how you use your APP.

- Access from any device: PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

- Growth: Links people from anywhere in the world.

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What are my benefits?


What is the procedure?

Solumaker revisa los procesos y procedimientos de tu empresa y propone mejoras usando tecnología de Apps personalizadas


Together we check the current procedures in your company.

Solumaker crea procedimientos en tu empresa para mejorar el control, la eficiencia y la eficacia de tus departmentos


If it's necessary, we create together new procedures.

Solumaker crea un DEMO gratuito con Ninox Database en español

3.  WE  TEST

We create a DEMO of the custom App.

Solumaer Niox database en español partner premium experto desarrollo con ninox para España y America Latina


You confirm the DEMO and we develop the official version of your App.

Solumaker da clases de Ninox en español para España Mexico Colombia Peru Chile y mas


We teach you and your staff how to use the customized App.

Estimated time: 1 hour.

Market value: € 150.

Solumaker Value: Free.

Can you advise me?

Book now a free 30-minute video call with an expert and discover what functions your App should have to automate your company's processes.

Why Solumaker?

Solumaker tiene 10 años de experincia creando procesos de ventas, compras, producción y administración en empresas de España, México y Colombia


... With our 10 years of experience creating commercial and administrative processes to design your APP to suit you.

Solumaker te acompaña y asesora en la creación de los procesos de venta, compra o administración que tu empresa necesita. México, Colombia, USA, España.


... The processes that your company needs to work at its maximum efficiency.

Solumaker analiza tus procesos de venta y propone mejoras mediante apps personalizadas


... What can a personalized APP do for you and your company.

Solumaker te explica qué puedes hacer realmente con una app personalizada para tu empresa, cuándo dinero y tiempo ahorras, cuánta libertad obtienes, si realmente vale la pena para ti


... How much time do you save, how much control do you gain, how much freedom do you gain, etc ...

Convert 10 steps into 1

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"At SOLUMAKER we create Apps for you to do in 1 step what you do now in 10 "

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